Hi…. my name is Jesskiran Bhatia and I am extremely passionate about writing there is one quote that i believe in with my heart and soul: writing is the painting of the voice this website is not only used to share what I write but it’s used for me to pass on messages in a way that I feel more comfortable passing them on… I have a strong belief that the greatest gift anybody could give me is an opportunity to make somebody happier, healthier and to help somebody enjoy life even the tiniest bit more and thats’s why when i publish something on here it always has a meaning and when i click the publish button a glowing smile spreads across my face because i might be wrong but it feels to me like by publishing something on here i am spreading a smile across somebody else’s face almost like a chain reaction through writing and that’s why writing has always been my favourite part of any day, place or time.

Since the day I was born I was passionate about literature and even today I remain passionate about it, my favourite piece of literature is poetry. I love to rhyme and to write. I also used to love writing and singing lyrics for songs which are already made or made up from my mind. Literature has always been my talent, any of my primary school teachers could have told you that!

Although I am only twelve, I have come very far with my literature and I am very proud of myself for doing so. I hope you enjoy every piece of literature on every page and I will continue to write, I might not take up writing as a career however, I will still enjoy the many joys of being able to hold a pen or pencil to write these pieces. Throughout the many years to come and to go I will always remember how big a part literature played in my life. This website is a must read for me and you.

Do not hesitate to leave replies and  tell me what you think of my pieces.

A little piece of helpful advice:

Whoever you are, wherever you are, carry on doing what you’re doing, and love doing it…